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The Awards "Whodunit".

Take the mystery out of hosting an exciting and involving awards dinner. “WhoWonIt” allows your guests the fun of stepping in to a British drawing room mystery a la the movie Gosford Park or an Agatha Christie novel, while honoring your company’s award winners and celebrating their achievements. Set in the elegant roaring 20s, guests can be encouraged to dress the era, as can the wait staff, or costume accents such as boas for the ladies and bowler hats for the gentlemen can be supplied.

As guests enter, they are greeted by Dunit (the butler) and escorted into the reception area where a body outline adorns a Chinese carpet. Various suspicious characters mingle with your guests. Inspector Clurrot introduces himself and his new partner, the famed consulting detective, your company presenter. We provide a Sherlock Holmes cloak and cap for your company award presenter and introduce him/her as Sherlock (with his/her own last name). Together, the detective team investigate the crime, which is interwoven between the presenting of awards. Your company presenter can be as involved or uninvolved in the custom written script as you wish, but always be able to personally present the award. Multiple company presenters are also possible.

Your guests work as table teams to solve the crime and submit their own answers as to “whodunit” as they enjoy dessert. After all tables have handed in their group answers, a fun and thrilling fight scene finale reveals the culprit. Prizes are awarded to the first table team to have guessed correctly.

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