An Interactive Murder Mystery Party Game


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Imagine how funny it would be if a sleazy news show - a cross between “20/20” and “Jenny Jones” did an expose’ on your department! While some shows get to the bottom of a story, there’s no depths this show won’t sink. Talk show host Sally Springer couldn't find one scandal in your department - she found six!

This customized corporate entertainment goes inside and under-cover to expose some hilarious secrets when six of your guests become the subjects of the muckraking TV show “Inside Expose”. Answer the questions on our customization sheet and we'll invent the rest - just like those TV shows do. Then your guests become table teams to compete in an evening of “Guess My Scandal”. Which team will be first to expose each of their fellow guests’ secrets.?

For small groups or large ones, this shows is strictly for laughs. We stay well aware of corporate sensitivity and thus our productions remain PG-13 level, nothing beyond Jay Leno style humor. The secrets we expose are so outlandish, no one can take offense.

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